*Application Built In Distribution

My Actually System

Laptop intel core duo 2 1,8 Ghz

SSD Samsung Evo 860 240 Gb, 3 Gb Ram, Graphics Vesa 15"



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Tiny Aros

Do not throw your old computer, install Tiny Aros

Tiny Aros is a distribution based on the Aros operating system which is similar to the Workbench 3.1 Amiga and compatible at the level of api. It runs on x86 computers but does not support modern storage media such as M.2 or sata devices (to make the sata support work from the computer bios you have to select the ATA emulation item) support also uefi boot(on the bios

disable secure boot for no windows compatibility) the system is light and loads in a matter of seconds , why choose Aros? I chose it for the passion I have for Amiga and I enjoy it so much, certainly it cannot be compared to windows or linux but currently it is possible to use it with pleasure, maybe you can try it on a virtual machine. Unfortunately, there is a browser that is not updated to be able to navigate on some modern sites like facebook and others, but most of the forums and portals can be viewed. There are other applications supplied with the distribution.

There is a support for 3D accelleration for intel GMA chipset but the best expierence have to nvidia cards but do not all card is compatible, i have utilized many nvidia 6200, 8400 GS, GT 210 and it is works fine with a games.

My Tiny Aros Option


I chose the laptop solution for convenience, I have an nvidia 8400m GS card which currently does not support 3D, but at the next engine update the intel gma will also receive a significant boost, so if you have to choose a computer and also want to spend little I think that as a processor an intel core duo 2 is just fine, maybe with a good screen, on these computers usually you have to change the wifi card for compatibility with the system there are not many drivers, an atheros AR5006EG is more than well, find everything on ebay



I tried Aros in different hardware configurations beyond the Intel Core Duo 2, some HP Z400 and Z600 workstations, Intel Core Duo Quad, I7 870 successfully, I also recommend using SSD

Acer AspireOne ZG5 Fully

​Supported, very little and nice laptop




The System




2018 Issues Development Included

also freepascal and Antiryad GX


Odyssey Web Browser*


AudioEvolution 4 (DAW)*


Protrekkr (Music Composition)*


PXDrum (Drums Pattern)*


ZuneView (Image Viewer and Manipolation)*




RNOPublisher (Make a PDF file and publisher project)*


SQLManager (Database)*


Lil Calendar (Organizer)*


ZunePaint (Bitmap Paint and Manipolation)*


RNOEffects (Imege Editor Effects and Manipolation)*



Thank you Developers for your work of porting on Aros


Aros Development Team

APL Licence 1994-202X